100 Word Challenge Week 27

This is a story about a diamond book named Tom. Tom can move like a human. Right now he is sprinting through a forest away from a huge forest fire, as he has been doing for a day now. Now you may think that he’s diamond, he should be fine if he catches fire. But no, his pages will burn up and with it, his intellect. If he gets home, his mom will be very upset at him. His mom would most likely get lost if she came looking for him. The fire was catching up until it engulfed him.

100 Word Challenge Week 26

I think they are statues and I do not know what the are called. They appear to be put at the beach in Australia to be shown to everyone. I, also, think that they come to life every million years or so. They were cursed by Thoth, the Egyptian god of knowledge. The were cursed because they disapproved of his books and loved to burn them in a fire. They carved pictures of them burning the books and they loved it. Thoth cursed them to turn to stone and allowed them to come back to life once every million years.

100 Word Challenge WK25

This is a story about a heavily damaged, black banana named Larry. He was very nice to everyone, even the bad fruits. Once, his friend, Hope, invited him over to jump on her trampoline. He and Hope had a jumping competition. Larry jumped the highest. He jumped so high that he hit his stem on a branch. Hope carried him inside to help him heal up. He was heavy! He thanked Hope for healing him. He decided to go home. When he got home his sister tackled him with a hug.  “Hey, I wasn’t gone for that long, was I?”

My Avatar

Today I made my avatar using the Mini-Mizer website. I chose to make him look like Batman by DC comics because Batman is AWESOME! I gave him two light sabers because light sabers are AWESOME! I really like comic books and Star Wars is pretty cool. I hope you like my mini Batman!


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